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Low iron glass, sometimes referred to as ultra-clear glass or extra-clear glass, is a type of glass designed to have a reduced iron content compared to standard clear glass. Iron is one of the elements that can give ordinary glass a greenish or bluish tint, which can affect the appearance and colour accuracy of objects viewed through the glass.

Low iron glass is manufactured to have a much lower iron content, resulting in a more colour-neutral and clearer appearance. This makes it ideal for applications where true colour representation is important, such as in architectural and interior design, the automotive industry, and for high-end displays.

 Low iron glass is often used in:

  • Architectural and decorative glass: It is commonly used for windows, glass facades, and interior partitions in buildings where colour clarity is essential.

  • Display cases: Low iron glass is used in museums and art galleries to showcase artwork and artefacts with the highest colour accuracy.

  • Solar panels: In photovoltaic applications, low iron glass allows for better light transmission and improved energy efficiency.

  • Automotive windshields: Some high-end and luxury vehicles use low iron glass for windshields to enhance optical clarity.

  • Shower enclosures: Low iron glass can be used in high-end shower enclosures to minimise the greenish tint often seen in standard glass.

  • Aquariums: It is used in some aquariums to provide a clearer view of aquatic life.

Low iron glass is often more expensive than regular glass due to its manufacturing process, which involves reducing impurities like iron. It is typically made using specialised raw materials and a carefully controlled production process to ensure its exceptional clarity and colour neutrality.

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