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At GlassWarehouse we offer competitive glass prices for domestic and commercial uses

Glass warehouse is a professional glass merchant that offers glass prices under the market / trade counter value. We offer glass prices that are super competitive and affordable for homeowners and contractors no matter the volume of purchase.

We purchase hundreds of tonnes of glass per year from manufacturers across the UK which provides us with discounted rates. The discounted rate is passed on to you the user. Many potential purchasers have questioned the authenticity of our business as the our glass prices are cheaper to buy or of substantial cost difference compared to over counter or shopfront glass prices.

With the ever ascending glass prices in the uk we have built a general guide as of November 2023. The glass prices we change on a quarterly basis but that could rise or fall dependant on market conditions. Glass can be used for products like shower screens or Glass Balustrades etc.

glass prices in the UK by glass warehouse

UK Glass Prices 2023 / 2024

UK Glass Price For Toughened Glass
Glass TypeCost per Sqm (Ex Vat)Cost per Sqm (Inc Vat)
4mm toughened glass£28.00£33.60
6mm toughened glass£42.00£50.40
8mm toughened glass£47.00£56.40
10mm toughened glass£62.00£74.40
12mm toughened glass£80.00£96.00
15mm toughened glass£150.00£180.00
19mm toughened glass£230.00£276.00
UK Glass Price for Toughened Laminated Glass
Glass TypeCost per Sqm (Ex Vat)Cost per Sqm (Inc Vat)
9.5mm Toughened Laminated£155.00£186.00
13.5mm Toughened Laminated£180.00£216.00
17.5mm Toughened Laminated£200.00£240.00
21.5mm Toughened Laminated£225.00£270.00
25.5 Toughened Laminated£260.00£312.00
UK Glass Prices for Low Iron Toughened
Glass TypeCost per Sqm (Ex Vat)Cost per Sqm (Inc Vat)
4mm Low Iron Toughened£35.00£42.00
6mm Low Iron Toughened£57.00£68.40
8mm Low Iron Toughened£85.00£102.00
10mm Low Iron Toughened£99.00£118.80
12mm Low Iron Toughened£135.00£162.00
15mm Low Iron Toughened£235.00£282.00
19mm Low Iron Toughened£295.00£354.00
UK Glass Prices for Mirror, Fireglass and Clear Laminated
Glass TypeCost per Sqm (Ex Vat)Cost per Sqm (Inc Vat)
Clear Laminated 6.4mm£49.00£58.80
Clear Laminated 8.8mm£85.00£102.00
Clear Laminated 10.8mm£95.00£114.00
Clear Laminated 12.8mm£118.00£141.60
Silver Mirror 4mm£34.00£40.80
Silver Mirror 6mm£45.00£54.00
Pyrobel 30min 6mm£205.00£246.00
Pyrobel 60min 6mm£270.00£324.00

The price tables above will give you a guideline price for glass in the UK, the price can vary and Glasswarehouse will adjust prices once per quarter to keep up with prices from glass suppliers and merchants across the UK. The Prices shown are for the raw glass as a sheet of 1 Square Meter without and processing costs and without any delivery costs implied.

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Established in 2012, Glass Warehouse is a renowned supplier of toughened, tempered, and architectural glass, based in the picturesque town of Chippenham, Wiltshire. With nearly a decade of experience in the glass industry, we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality glass products and exceptional customer service. 

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