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Glass Type:

We have a range of different glass types, use the dropdown to select the type of glass you need i.e. Clear Toughened Glass, Mirror Glass, Low Iron Glass etc.


We can process your glass to various different shapes, used the dropdown to find the shape you require i.e. Circle, Square, Rectangle

Glass Width and Length

We have a range of different glass types, use the dropdown to selct the type of glass you need i.e.Clear Toughened Glass

Glass Thickness

Select the option of glass thickness using the dropdown. Depending on the type of glass the options may vary.

Polished edges

By default, the edges of glass are NOT polished. If you are using glass where the edges are exposed i.e. A shower screen or a table top, then select polished. Please do this for each item required.


Select Sandblasted if you want the glass to be finished with an opaque or ‘frosted’ face. This is applied to one side of the glass only.

Easy Clean

Easy Clean is a surface protection which is applied to the glass after processing. The treatment inhibits the build-up of Soap scum and calcium (if you live in a hard water area)

Radius Corners

Each comer of the glass will have a radius rather than a point. The size of the radius can be selected in the drop down and is in 5mm increments to 45mm by default its set to 0mm

Bevelled edges

Bevelled edges are cutting of the glass edges at a specific angle or slope around the entire edge of a piece of glass. This is ideal for mirrors or glass shelves which gives an aesthetic look.

Number of Holes

This is the amount of drilled holes required for the glass you are purchasing. Please note, with Toughened Glass the hole size diameter can NOT be less than the thickness of glass i.e 8mm glass will need a minimum of 8mm drilled hole.


Quantity is then amount of glass you require. If you need two or more of the same type and size then use this drop down. If you require two or more glass panels that are different in size then just select one in the drop down and add to cart. You will be give the option to return to the calculator for your next glass item.

Delivery Option

Collection is free from Glasswarehouse and the dropdown is set to this by default. If you require a glass delivery, select from the drop down what applies to you. If you have multiple panels, just select this option from the dropdown Just once with your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Glass Order

If your not 100% sure on what to order then give our sales team a call on 01225 667207 or email

On this site we accept all major payment methods through our payment partner PayPal.

We accept Bank transfers for purchasing all types of glass and services. Please call one of our team on 01225 667207 for more details.

Unfortunately we dont offer accounts for glass purchases

Potentially we can help with measuring over the phone. We can give you an idea of what measurements we need to create a CAD drawing

We use an external company who specialise in measuring glass and openings in the region. The Prices start at £150.00 plus VAT for London Its £220.00 Plus VAT. This is for an average sized measure up and takes between 1 hr and 4 hrs again depending on the complexity of the measure the price could vary.

On Ordering

From ordering glass through the Glasswarehouse website, It normally takes 10-15 working days. 

Yes, we will have your glass ready in most cases within 7 working days. Please make an exception if you are ordering Toughened Laminated GLass or Back painted Glass as this can add a few days extra.

If you have made an error or need to change the dimensions of your glass order, our preferred line of communication is by phone. If its out of hours then drop us an email marked with ‘Urgent’ in the title. Please follow up in working hours with a phone call to confirm.

Glass Deliveries

Once your glass has been delivered and checked by us from glass processing, we will then arrange by email and phone to confirm a delivery date thats both mutual to you and works with our scheduled delivery routes. We won’t deliver your glass without prior notice and need acceptance that the glass can be delivered.

Our delivery driver is not insured to carry glass upstairs, downstairs or away from curbside. We will, if possible, endeavour to place the glass in a safe area in your home although we can only guarantee a kerb side delivery. We recommend that you discuss the offloading requirements with our office.

To Keep the cost of delivery down as much as possible we opt for a one man delivery service with our own vehicles

The driver is happy to call or text or give notice before he arrives. Please pre arrange this with transport at the Glasswarehouse office.

For more help with ordering glass

Other Help

If you require any more help with our products, calculator or any of the services Glass warehouse provide, please do get in touch with one of our sales representatives. We have provided a quick contact form but understand that some customers prefer to call and speak with us.
Please find our details below.

Tel: 01225 667602

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